Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

Vacuflex supported Fertility-Enhancing Massage - Time 1.5hrs - Price €75

This treatment includes all of the aforementioned elements of massage with the added benefits of the vacuflex reflexology system.

Vacuflex~Energy Alignment is a unique and effective specific technique which transforms the vital energy throughout the body to promote even free flow of energy, creating reactions in every organ structure and system of the body and is known to:

  • Relieve physical and psychological stress and tension

  • Normalise blood flow to affected areas - to aid healing and remove waste

  • Normalise nerve supply - to reduce swelling, irritation and numbness

  • Improve uptake of nutrients and oxygen

  • Complement exercise programmes

  • Eliminate waste from the body - to reduce uric acid levels and inflammation

  • Increase the release of endorphins and enkaphalins - natural pain killers - to reduce pain

  • Stimulate the body's healing ability - on all levels

  • Strengthen the entire body, avoiding repetitive injuries - spasms/pains/strains/injuries

  • Promote and maintains optimum health.

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