Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

Combining Natural Fertility Treatment with IVF

Undoubtedly modern medical science and their mind-blowing diagnostic procedures are testament to their creators. It is amazing that tiny eggs can be fertilised in test tubes and manipulated in so many ways. We have a lot to thank science for.

IUI/IVF carries a success rate of 5-30% which is excellent. However from a Traditional Chinese medical perspective and in my own experience over the last nine years in practise, it is my firm belief that if the body is not prepared properly (using the Chinese medical model), implantation will not occur. This is where The Cork Natural Fertility Clinic (CNFC) helps out. Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Diet & Nutrition have a rebalancing effect on the body. They prepare the organs of reproduction, especially the uterus, for implantation and a healthy pregnancy.

Each case is assessed on its own individual merits and a treatment programme is devised for each accordingly. It is stated in the ancient Chinese medical books that "The health of both the male & female at the exact moment of conception denotes the constitutional wellbeing of the offspring." This implies that it is vitally important to bring the health of both the male & female up to its optimum state. This is even more important in today's world where many couples are quite often waiting until their thirties to start a family coupled with the many demands made on them living in our conveyor belt world. Nature deemed parenthood should be earlier as a woman's peak, it is felt from a fertility point of view, is 20yrs of age.

Over the last 9 yrs we have assisted many couples who are undergoing the various different forms of assisted fertility programmes (see testimonial section) and we find that clinically our results are very positive. In the UK & the US Western and conventional medicine work in tandem and many fertility clinics have their own "in house" acupuncturist for example. One of the reasons for this is because studies show that when acupuncture is performed 1 hour before and 30 minutes after embryo transfer and again for three consecutive days afterwards that this greatly enhances the effectiveness of the various forms of assisted fertility procedures and augments fertility. Chinese Medicine is 4,000 years old and has stood the test of time. All of its basic principles remain unchanged, despite rigorous challenge over the centuries. Many clinical trials (see clinical trial section) have been performed and the results of these studies speak for themselves. When you combine Homoepathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Chinese Herbal medicine and even relaxation techniques such as YOGA, results have been achieved faster.

Deirdre Mackesy