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In some cases infertility has been linked to high-stress levels; which is an area that therapeutic massage can be of benefit. Many couples trying to conceive go through several different rituals that can indirectly cause elevated stress levels. Regular therapeutic massage treatments can significantly reduce stress levels and increase relaxation. Thus, when investigating massage therapy treatments, you can focus on reducing tension, increasing relaxation and decreasing stress.

Fertility-Enhancing Massage

Vacuflex supported Fertility-Enhancing Massage

Pre-conception Massage


Yoga has been described as a higher form of common sense, a pure and precise science which evolves from within. To live Yoga is to be in harmony with oneself.

The practise of Yoga offers the experience of personal poise, recollection and tranquillity. Self discovery and understanding are initiated in a new way and so life's journey becomes richer.

Yoga is for people who are seeking ways to broaden and deepen their experience of life and their humanity and are looking for the tools and the knowledge which will further that journey

Classes comprise a balanced synthesis of postures, breathing techniques and relaxation / meditation.

Next classes beginning in September 2008.

Yoga in Pregnancy

In a supportive and nurturing environment this class will help reduce the aches and pains that can accompany pregnancy while helping to tone and prepare the body and mind for birth.

Robin Hills Yoga teachers teach gentle Yoga poses and breathing techniques to cultivate health and calmness which in turn benefits the growing foetus. Yoga in pregnancy helps cultivate a deep sense of connection between mum and baby.

Next classes beginning in September 2008.

To confirm your place in the class please e-mail or telephone 021 4812222