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Cranial Osteopathy

This unique technique is a method of healing the complete body by moving the hands in a particular way over the body. It is performed by an osteopath who has sufficient anatomical knowledge of the body structure. Initially developed to treat skull injuries through manipulation, this method has now evolved to heal the whole body, as the maze of muscles, ligaments, and tendons are present everywhere.

Osteopathic therapists are trained to feel subtle body motions and they can easily locate areas where there are restrictions or congestions. Through hand movements on these specific points, osteopaths remove the stress on those organs and improve their functioning.

Backaches during pregnancy, emotional problems, exhaustion, impotence, infertility, and menstrual pain along with other ailments have been helped through this therapy. The pelvic bone, which is attached to the spinal chord, has especially been found to heal better using this technique. Since the reproductive system is located in the pelvis, people with infertility issues are likely to notice positive changes through this therapy.

Cranial Osteopathy and Acupuncture work quite well together. While the Cranial Osteopath removes restrictions in body tissues and restores normalcy, the Acupuncturist removes the energetic obstructions preventing health. Both attempt to bring wholeness to the body. Both practices view disease as an aberration in the normal state of things, a piece out of harmony with the whole. In Cranial Osteopathy, the practitioner's hands diagnose. Those same gentle hands issue cure. Acupuncture uses tongue and pulse reading together with the patient's history to diagnose. Needles and herbs deliver cure. Both crafts recognize that the body's intelligence reigns supreme and that the doctor is its faithful assistant.

Cranial Osteopathy's strength is in its ability to treat physical trauma most successfully. It has been recognised that Acupuncture has some difficulty treating physical trauma. For example, babies that are induced, c-sectioned, experience long labor time, and delivered with forceps or suction are susceptible to such trauma. These children do very well with Cranial Osteopathy. Orthodontic treatment and dental extractions are another form of insidious physical trauma that can yield ill effect. Children or adults with such histories also do very well with Cranial Osteopathy.