Cork Natural Fertility Clinic


Preconception massage is designed to support and assist your body’s natural reproductive processes and rhythms, and is ideal for all women who have the desire to get pregnant. This method focuses on cleansing and clearing the body of adhesions and energetic blockages and increasing blood flow to the spine and pelvis.

Preconception massages include: Cranial and sacral holds, acupressure, reflexology, abdominal massage, friction massage to pelvis and spine (can be done through sheet), and pelvic rocking.

The preconception period can become an extremely stressful time for everyone involved, and one of the primary factors in fertility challenges is often a high stress level. It is easy to see how this can become a vicious cycle. One of the greatest benefits of regular massage is stress reduction, and so the preconception massage is also designed to relax and nurture you.

If you’ve been trying to conceive for some time, you may find that your sense of the beauty and sacredness of conception is replaced by the science and rigor of timing. Oftentimes, as medical interventions and assistive technologies come into play, it is easy to become distant and removed from your original, love-filled intention. Nurturing, intent-full massage can support your connection to the sacredness of creating new life.

Aromatherapy is of great help not only in pregnancy, but in preparing the body and mind for pregnancy. Many essential oils are derived from the reproductive apparatus of plants. Flower essences in particular have an alluring aroma that attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinating creatures. These oils, which are so important to plant sexuality and reproduction, have physiologic benefits for our own female hormones and reproductive organs. Essential oils from neroli blossom, rose, and jasmine, for example, have numerous yin characteristics--including the ability to calm the nervous system--as well as aphrodisiac qualities and antispasmolytic properties.

If you are actively trying to conceive, preconception massage can only be performed from the start of menstruation until ovulation. This work cannot be performed if there is a possibility that you are pregnant.

A detailed client fertility and conception history will be taken so that we may customize the session to your specific needs and desires.

For a preconception massages please make an appointment at Robin Hill Clinic: tel:021-4812222; or e-mail us.