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Tonia Briones

Kinesiologist, Cranial Sacral therapist, Specialist with learning difficulties, Movement Facilitator, Childrenís therapist

Tonia is a Chilean born in France. She has spent over twenty years training and practising various health methods.

She seeks always the bodyís own ability to heal itself and through her practice enables the clients, be they children or adults, to become responsible for their own health. She has trained in many countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, USA, Japan, England and Spain to improve her skills and understanding of the body, including acupuncture, voice work, movement, craniosacral, rebirthing, communication facilitation or speech impediment, emotional freedom techniques for psychological stress release and energy/body work.

It is through her life experience and training that Tonia will receive a person and address their needs. As a kinesiologist, she uses the muscles of the body to discover and correct underlying problems within a personís being. She is able to detect the root causes of stress and helps the body to discover itís own healing process.

All the techniques Tonia uses are natural, gentle, holistic and completely safe, based on the principle that the body knows what methods are needed. She has special interest in working with children or adults who suffer from stress and learning difficulty and/or special needs. In 1992, she created the brain/body integration (BBI) through movement workshops inspired by Braingym used in Kinesiology. She has brought BBI into schools and continues to work with children in their school environment.

In January 2008 she taught a small group of teachers and remedial teachers in Dungourney who are now using the exercises successfully with children in classes.

She works with people of all ages, including babies, young children with speech delay, autistic children and children with emotional problems. In addition, she regularly gives BBI workshops for children or adults.

She also gives talks and would be delighted to travel to your area if you wish to know more about Kinesiology, BBI, Brain Booster and Natural Steps (movement awareness workshop).

About Tonia and her training in Movement

Tonia Briones, multi-disciplined Complementary Health therapist, has for the last 20 years brought to the youth: Brain Body Integration(BBI) for the primary school student, and is now bringing Brain Booster for teenagers who are under huge levels of Stress for their final exams.

Tonia has also in the past taught to adults these exercises to help them with their concentration, coordination, memory and learn the basics of relaxation through breathing exercises.

These classes are usually taught on a weekly basis so that they can become a regular routine Ė thereby enabling the nervous system to build gradually. Tonia has just finished teaching 8 weeks of BBI classes in Carrigaline Yoga Zone Studio and in the primary school in Monkstown, for 1st to 4th class primary school youth.

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