Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility is the most frustrating diagnosis a woman can receive. Luckily, according to traditional Chinese medicine there is always an underlying cause and it will be found if you look deeply enough, and pay attention to what the body's messages are. It is as if the body-mind-spirit hides the expression of fertility when your life is out of balance.

There are many steps in the journey of fertility, and even a small misstep can make the difference between a happy mother and a woman faced with unexplained infertility. One hormone produced at the wrong time in the menstrual cycle, a tiny change in the pH of cervical mucus, or a millimeter less depth in the endometrial lining can be the deciding factor between a pregnancy and yet another period. Treatment

The first step is always to address the manifestation of the problem and determine the underlying pattern. In most cases of unexplained infertility, there is some sort of indication of where the problem lies-whether it be in symptoms involving the menstrual cycle, or feelings of hot or cold, lethargy or nervousness amongst others and when these imbalances are addressed, the reproductive system can begin to function normally again.

One of the best ways to discover subclinical fertility problems is to examine the different stages of a woman's menstrual cycle. Possible indications of fertility problems include menstrual irregularities such as:

  • severe PMS

  • premenstrual breast pain and headaches

  • premenstrual low back pain, loose stools, acne

  • heavy menstrual flow

  • scanty menstrual flow

  • clotty, dark menstrual blood

  • menstrual pain

  • short luteal phase

  • long follicular phase

  • short follicular phase

  • inhibited ovulatory phase

These are all physical manifestations and important reflections of which aspects of the reproductive system are out of harmony. When we discover what energy imbalances cause the menstrual irregularities to appear, the infertility is no longer unexplained. And when we have an explanation, we have a diagnosis, a treatment, and a remedy.