Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

Case History 1 - Recurrent Miscarriage

"At the age of 40, just after my seventh miscarriage, I went to see Deirdre for some homeopathic advise. I had no energy, severe digestive problems, and had given up on ever having another healthy baby..." (read full case history...)

Case History 2 - Endometriosis

"In October 2003 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy done at the Cork University Hospital and I was told that I had a stage 4 endometriosis and that a hysterectomy would be the only cure for the severe pain I was having mid cycle every month..." (read full case history...)

Case History 3 - Endometriosis

"My name is Deirdre and I am a 39 year old mother of two girls. My first daughter is 4 years old and my second just 9 months old. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world as I never thought I would have my own children..." (read full case history...)

Case History 4 - Fibroids

"Of all the challenges I've faced in my life, dealing with infertility has been the hardest. Like most couples we started trying with the confident assumption that it was just a matter of applying ourselves to the task, but as the months went by, every cycle marked off in the diary, it wasn't long before the disillusionment and worry set in..." (read full case history...)

Case History 5 - Unexplained Infertility

"My story starts 2 years after we got married when we were advised to set up an appointment to commence IVF. The reason was "Unexplained Infertility" after 2 years trying to conceive. Tests commenced including the dreaded Laparoscopy. None of the tests provided any conclusive reason why we had not conceived however certain conditions were eliminated such as blocked fallopian tubes. Conscious of time ticking away, as I had just turned 34 we proceeded along the IVF route. The IVF treatment was tough but you don't really realise how tough until after as you are so driven by hope. Unbelievably we were successful with our first attempt and we have a lovely little girl..." (read full case history...)

Case History 6 - Unexplained Infertility

"I was trying to get pregnant for over five years. All investigations showed that there was nothing wrong. During that time, I was prescribed the usual treatment options: first of all Clomid and then several rounds of TSI..." (read full case history...)

Case History 7 - Unexplained Infertility

"Although I already have a daughter who is seven who was (miraculously!) conceived naturally, I had been trying to have another baby for 5 years, but felt that, at 38, I was running out of time. I suffer from PCOS and a slightly under-active thyroid, but am otherwise fit and healthy, if occasionally a little stressed, due to work..." (read full case history...)

Case History 8 - Polycystic Ovarian Disease

"I had been suffering from irregular periods for quite a few years and was subsequently diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease. The consultant I was attending explained that I would more than likely require the aid of a drug such as Clomid in order to conceive...." (read full case history...)

Case History 9 - Blocked Fallopian Tubes

"Almost 2 years ago I was told I had blocked fallopian tubes as a result I had one tube removed and the other tube was cleared. I was told if I wasn't pregnant within one year I was to come back to Dr Waterstone and have IVF...." (read full case history...)

Case History 10 - Recurrent Miscarriage

"I found Robin Hill when I was at a very low point after two miscarriages and a close bereavement. At 39 I felt as if Iíd never be able to have a baby and didnít know where to turn for help....." (read full case history...)

Case History 11 - Women going it alone

"Successful, career-woman Catherine* felt the clock was ticking when she was 36. She had always wanted children but with relationships come and gone, she was still singe and knew that biologically her re-productive system was not going to wait for her to find the perfect man..." (read full case history...)

Case History 12 - Rising FSH

"I want to share my story with anyone who is despairing about ever getting pregnant. My husband and myself had been trying to conceive for 8 years. I am now 38. We ended up having the usual investigations, where mild endometriosis was discovered. My tubes were ok, periods were very painful and heavy but otherwise I was diagnosed as unexplained. My husband's sperm was normal. I had 4 IUI's and 2 IVF's with no result..." (read full case history...)

Case History 13 - Our Story

"After trying for a year and being told that we didn't have a chance by the experts at another unnamed fertility clinic in Cork, we were shellshocked and on the verge of almost splitting up. The fertility clinic in Cork, really gave no explanations, it was literally just like a revolving door. You had a different consultant every time. It seemed like they were more interested in getting you out the door as fast as possible to get the next client in rather than getting to know you or your case history..." (read full case history...)

Case History 14 - Thank you

"Just felt I had to write to say a Huge thank you for travelling all the way to Cornwall in the UK to do some treatments on me. I have never before received such professional treatment. After trying for a couple of months to find someone to help me get over my illness both my husband and I had almost given up. ( It seemed no one here in Cornwall wanted to work with someone staying in a NHS hospital)..." (read full case history...)