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Case History 9 - Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Almost 2 years ago I was told I had blocked fallopian tubes as a result I had one tube removed and the other tube was cleared. I was told if I wasn't pregnant within one year I was to come back to Dr Waterstone and have IVF. so one year later I went back and had IVF. The first IVF attempt failed and was told I could try again 3 months later in the meantime I decided to do acupuncture as I had read this was very helpful with IVF.

I contacted Robin Hill clinic and went for several acupuncture sessions with Deirdre prior and during IVF treatment and this time the IVF was a success.

I found the acupuncture very relaxing which you need during IVF treatment as it can take a lot out of you. I would certainly recommend acupuncture if considering IVF.

K., Waterfall

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