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Case History 5 - Unexplained Infertility

My story starts 2 years after we got married when we were advised to set up an appointment to commence IVF. The reason was "Unexplained Infertility" after 2 years trying to conceive. Tests commenced including the dreaded Laparoscopy. None of the tests provided any conclusive reason why we had not conceived however certain conditions were eliminated such as blocked fallopian tubes. Conscious of time ticking away, as I had just turned 34 we proceeded along the IVF route. The IVF treatment was tough but you don't really realise how tough until after as you are so driven by hope. Unbelievably we were successful with our first attempt and we have a lovely little girl.

We decided to go down the IVF route again two years later and definitely trying to juggle a toddler and the logistics second time around were difficult. The IVF Clinic had recommended acupuncture as a support for the treatment so I went ahead and booked in with a registered Acupuncturist. On account of our success first time around, we were pretty confident that we would have a baby this time again so we were not well prepared for failure and the whole emptiness of no pregnancy and having been through a gruelling 6 weeks of treatment really hit home hard. We were not without hope however as we did manage to produce surplus embryos which were frozen for our use at a future date. However we did realise that the percentage chance of a successful pregnancy from a frozen cycle were even less than a normal IVF cycle.

Two months later I conceived naturally. We were amazed and delighted after our dejection of the failed IVF. Now things were back on track and our desire to extend our small family seemed possible. Unfortunately I miscarried at nine weeks and we really found this much more difficult to deal with than the failed IVF.

The following year we decided to proceed with our Frozen Embryo's. This process is not as invasive as a full IVF cycle because basically you have already arrived to fertilisation point from your last IVF cycle. What is then required is to transfer the embryos (max 2 which is all we had) and hope for implantation with the aid of hormones. Implantation did not occur so again we were hugely disappointed.

We decided we would proceed with one last full IVF cycle and give it our best shot. If this did not work out we felt we were still extremely lucky to have one beautiful child and to be a one child family was pretty fantastic.

I felt having some acupuncture sessions would assist and a pal recommended Robin Hill clinic as an option, as it incorporated a whole range of holistic treatments that maybe I could avail of. I was shocked to realise that my first appointment would last two hours and a pretty thorough questionnaire had to be completed beforehand. I remember saying to Deirdre Mackesy that in all my time attending the IVF clinic and previous medical personnel, I never had such an investigative consultation. I certainly felt during my meeting that my situation was dealt with as an individual and not just "one cap fits all". A series of acupuncture sessions were set up with Deirdre Mackesy and Christine Stacey who has a particular interest in women's fertility. I also commenced taking Chinese powdered herbs and certain homeopathic remedies.

I was impatient though to just get on with the IVF cycle so I would know sooner or later if we were going to have another child and then get on with my life either way. I was persuaded to delay my IVF cycle by two months to incorporate a few more sessions so I did. My aim all along was to have my body as well prepared as possible for the IVF cycle that lay ahead so it seemed reasonable despite my impatience.

Last week I discovered that I am pregnant naturally. I was pretty shocked as my attendance at Robin Hill clinic for my series of treatments was intended purely as a support for the pending IVF cycle. I firmly believe that the personal programme that was developed for me by Deirdre and Christine over a number of months has resulted in my pregnancy. I will continue to have acupuncture sessions during my pregnancy and hope that all will go well and our disappointments are behind us.

Jennifer. Co.Cork

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