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Case History 3 - Endometriosis

My name is Deirdre and I am a 39 year old mother of two girls. My first daughter is 4 years old and my second just 9 months old. I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world as I never thought I would have my own children.

I always suffered from heavy and painful periods that affected my life in school and when I started working but I learned to live with it. Endometriosis was often mentioned but I was not actually diagnosed with it until I had a laparoscopy at age 33. At this time I was on all sorts of hormone treatments which really made me feel terrible both mentally and physically. I really only wanted an end to the pain and hadn't considered that I may have a problem conceiving. That is until the surgeon suggested that maybe a hysterectomy would 'solve the problem as it was unlikely that I could have children anyway'. I was shocked at this suggestion and decided against it thinking that I would just be replacing one set of problems with another in that I would be on hormone replacement therapy for a very long time. And then I thought about the not having children. I wasn't really prepared to hear that and was quite upset - although children were not on my agenda at that particular time I had hoped for some in the future. But I tried not to think about it.

Then a sister of mine suggested that I go and consult Deirdre Mackesy about the endometriosis issue. This I did and it changed my life completely. I started with a two hour session and attended monthly thereafter. Deirdre didn't ask me to give up the hormones I was on immediately but rather weaned me off them and totally relieved my symptoms through acupuncture and the use of various different remedies. After approximately 10 months Deirdre then prescribed some Chinese herbs which allowed me for the very first time in my life go through my monthly period without being full of painkillers - it was amazing! Shortly after that Deirdre advised that I may now be very well able to conceive which I of course did not believe as it had not happened up to then despite the fact that my partner and I did not use contraceptives of any kind. I continued to feel great, full of energy and completely off all forms of hormones and painkillers - just taking my Chinese herbs. And then it happened - I was pregnant - it was amazing, I just couldn't believe it. It was just over a year since I had started attending Deirdre - I was absolutely delighted. I attended the Erinville Hospital where, having read my file, they were amazed that I had conceived at all. They were so amazed in fact that one of the consultants asked me if I would mind speaking with some women who were suffering with infertility problems and tell them my story - this I of course did willingly. When I returned to the hospital pregnant with my second child they were amazed and delighted to see me again. I have sent a number of people with fertility problems to Deirdre and each story has been a success story - she is single-handedly responsible for quite a number of babies out there!!! I cannot thank her enough.

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