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Case History 2 - Endometriosis

In October 2003 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I had a laparoscopy done at the Cork University Hospital and I was told that I had a stage 4 endometriosis and that a hysterectomy would be the only cure for the severe pain I was having mid cycle every month.

At the time I was 38 years old and I had not a family and I really wanted children. I was then told that my only option was IVF which may or may not work for me. I was horrified at what lay a head for me and my husband. I needed time to think and get my head around what I had been told.

I spoke to many friends about this and one of them suggested acupuncture but I had no idea where to go so eventually I heard about Robin Hill Clinic so I contacted them and started acupuncture. My first experience of Robin Hill Clinic was that it was no big deal and that Deirdre would deal with my pain and get that controlled first before we could go any further. Within two appointments to see Deirdre for Acupuncture and Homeopathy I was pain free and I felt great.

At this stage I contacted Cork University Hospital to be referred to a fertility clinic which the did for me. My first impressions of the clinic was that we had something awful wrong with us and that it should not be discussed with anyone only our partners. I found for me dealing with it was easier to talk about it and women do understand. It eliminated all the hurt you feel at parties when people put a baby in your arms and say "doesn't a baby suit you". And it stops all the "You will be next".

In July 2004 I started on my first cycle of IVF and I had tremendous support from all of my family and friends. At this stage I had not had a pain in months and I was still attending the Robin Hill Clinic on a monthly basis for acupuncture and homeopathy. Both my husband and I were very confident that IVF was going to work for us and Deirdre at the Robin Hill Clinic was also very confident in me.

I sailed thru the IVF program and worked everyday. One of my friends who is a nurse did my injections as I could not do it myself and I would be afraid to let my husband at it.

On Egg collection day the retrieved 9 eggs 6 fertilized and 5 survived.

At this stage I hit a major downer as the collection really set me back the clinic were very understanding and my transfer of two emberos was done six days later.

On the day of the transfer I felt pregnant and I kept saying I love this baby growing inside of me. On day ten I did a pregnancy test and it was positive but even before I had done the test I knew I was pregnant. At eight week I went back to Clinic to be told only one of the emberos had survived which I was over the moon about.

I continued acupuncture and homeopathy thru the pregnancy and I also started to see a cranial osteopath as my back was hurting a lot. I sailed thru the pregnancy and nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy by c-section who has changed our lives for ever.

In June my husband and I were discussing going back to the fertility clinic again so we decided we would contact them in September and to my amazement I discovered I was pregnant in July all natural.

I am still attending the Robin Hill Clinic on a monthly basis for acupuncture, homeopathy and osteopathy and again I feel great and looking forward to Easter to meeting our new arrival.

I do hope my story will help some women out there and never think you are alone as I too was that woman.


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