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Case History 13 - Our Story:

After trying for a year and being told that we didn't have a chance by the experts at another unnamed fertility clinic in Cork, we were shellshocked and on the verge of almost splitting up. The fertility clinic in Cork, really gave no explanations, it was literally just like a revolving door. You had a different consultant every time. It seemed like they were more interested in getting you out the door as fast as possible to get the next client in rather than getting to know you or your case history. There were also many legal consent forms to fill out. It was an unfriendly environment and I would advise people to think twice about going there.

To cut a long story short my partner was told he had a low sperm count and that I just had only one egg and because of my age there was no hope. I was 43 at the time and never had a child before. Needless to say that the first and only cycle of IVF treatment did not work and they refunded me. I was really at a low ebb at the time and my partner was very angry and upset. We really became even more sensitive to the "oh you must get going soon" and "when is the first one coming" comments, people only meant well but it felt like a knive cutting through the both of us.

My partner arranged for us both to see a counsellor , she was fantastic and she recommended Cork Natural Fertility Clinic to us. She explained to us that her neighbour had various problems trying to conceive and recommended Cork Natural Fertility Clinic. At this stage we were willing to give anything a shot as we were really desperate and down.

So we went and made an appointment, all we can say is what a contrast! Deirdre personally took an interest in our case , was empathetic and sympathetic yet truly professional, for the first time in months after our initial consultation ( where Deirdre left no stone unturned when taking notes of our case history) we actually had a sense of relief and renewed hope. All I can say is this worked, you have to believe me ! We went to see Deirdre in April 2011 and after two-three sessions with Deirdre I found out that I was pregnant by June 2011, I only had one pre-pregnancy massage which was great, I was due to have more but didn't as I fell pregnant so quick.

I still continued with the acupuncture and homeopathy during the pregnancy and would advise anyone else to do this too.

We also found the homeopathic remedy kit that Deirdre advised us to use as invaluable, my partner and I could see the difference especially when he made me take a remedy, it worked, it soothed the contraction pains. To this day we both actually believe that the remedy kit did play a huge role in us having a smooth natural birth. I was 45 when our healthy baby girl was born in March 2012. Without the help of Deirdre and the other professionals at the Cork Natural Fertility Clinic this would not have happened. We cannot recommend Deirdre and the Cork Natural Fertility Clinic enough and really want to make sure that this does give hope to other couples and ladies out there that feel there are no options left , trust me when I say there are!

West Cork Couple

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