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Case History 12 - Rising FSH

I want to share my story with anyone who is despairing about ever getting pregnant.

My husband and myself had been trying to conceive for 8 years. I am now 38. We ended up having the usual investigations, where mild endometriosis was discovered. My tubes were ok, periods were very painful and heavy but otherwise I was diagnosed as unexplained. My husband's sperm was normal. I had 4 IUI's and 2 IVF's with no result.

My FSH started to rise last year and you can imagine how devastated I was when I learnt from my Consultant that I was getting old and suggested egg donation. It took my husband and myself a good while to get our heads around this but our desire to be a family won and I had two cycles done in Spain - again no result. We were battle weary at this stage and poorer!!

We started adoption proceedings three years ago and we thought this was our destiny!. Meanwhile a friend who had got pregnant through The Cork Natural Fertility clinic, using holistic treatments in Cobh, suggested I give it a go, if anything just to strengthen my body and mind after all the years of drug treatments and maybe try again with donor eggs later in the year.

From the start of treatment at Robin Hill clinic I felt I was not a number on a conveyor belt. I felt heard and listened to. I realized and friends mentioned too that it was like my old self was back. My energy, skin, hair all improved and my long standing IBS was much better. I felt the stress in my body lifting. I was sleeping like a baby again. The icing on the cake was when my period was late in August. I never dreamt I could be pregnant - I thought I couldn't be after all the years of battling with infertility. My periods could go irregular at times anyway! I don't think I am still over the shock!!! I am now 8 months pregnant with a baby girl. An absolute dream come true.

So ladies, my advice is, get your body healthy and have faith in nature. If it happened for us it could happen to you. Don't lose sight of your dreams to become a mother.

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