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Case History 1 - Recurrent Miscarriage

At the age of 40, just after my seventh miscarriage, I went to see Deirdre for some homeopathic advise. I had no energy, severe digestive problems, and had given up on ever having another healthy baby.

Deirdre gave me homeopathic remedies which immediately helped my energy, and together with acupunture and nutritional change of diet, I slowly recovered my energy and my will to recover my life.

At the age of 44, I got pregnant, and had the best pregnancy of my life, healthwise. I had an eight and half pound healthy baby, and enjoyed the continued support of homeophathy and acupunture during my pregnancy.

I would strongly recommend to all women in a similiar fertility situation to take a holistic view in management as well as routine medical interventions as appropriate.

It is the combined effort of all good professionals that can solve the problem.

Kind regards,

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