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Two studies are of interest in addition to the very excellent book suggested by Attilo.

One is by Elisabet Stener Victorin the other by Paulus. You can find links to both and other articles at, the website for the Advisory Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.

The Stener Victorin article describes a protocol for reducing the pulsatility index in uterine arteries, which increases uterine blood flow.

I often treat women weekly for six weeks before the transfer, and have seen the pulsatility index go from 5 (unfavorable) to 1.9 (favorable). I have found that the exact protocol is not necessary (the protocol calls for e stim. I have had good results with needling and moxa.) Some sources suggest 3 mos of prior treatment for optimal results. Danish research in 2006 suggested benefit form just one treatment prior to transfer.

Valerie Hobbs, Dipl. OM.

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