Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

Cork Natural Fertility Clinic

The Cork Natural Fertility Clinic is Ireland's first and only multidisciplinary fertility clinic specializing in all aspects of male and female infertility. The multi faceted approach gives patients the benefit of a combination of tried and tested treatment modalities which in turn yields better overall results than for example just relying solely on Acupuncture alone which according to the team is not enough. Clinic Director Deirdre Mackesy has over thirty two years experience in the health care sector and is a registered General Nurse, Acupuncturist, Homoeopath and practitioner Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Together with a team of experienced and highly dedicated people they have been instrumental in helping many people achieve their life's dream of becoming parents. Every case is treated individually in a a caring and sensitive manner and a unique treatment program is devised for each patients journey of healing. People travel from all corners of Ireland the UK and Europe to The Cork Natural Fertility Clinic. (See patients own stories in testimonial section)

We aim for Positive results

With the instance of female and male infertility now statistically one in six, research and studies are proving that age, health and stress-levels are key factors.

Holistic well-being is key to fertility. More and more couples are turning to natural treatment to prepare for, combine with or as an alternative to assisted fertility treatment such as IVF. The establishment of the Cork Natural Fertility Clinic (CNFC), combines the skills of resident practitioners to help both male and female clients to achieve conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Individual Fertility Programmes are devised for each client, combining the following therapies which have had proven results in the treatment of infertility factors.

The Cork Natural Fertility Clinic welcomes clients who are preparing for, undergoing or seeking an alternative to assisted fertility treatment such as IVF. The clinic, housed in a converted 19th century Rectory can provide accomodation for those who are travelling long distances or those who wish to combine treatment with total relaxation.

We also offer ongoing support through pregnancy, childbirth and post-natally.We are committed to providing an environment of excellent complementary healthcare as we support patients through their fertility journey. By considering the patient from complementary diagnostic perspectives, we can offer valuable insights for improving their natural fertility and their chances of conception with Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), for example IVF and IUI.

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Pre Conception Programme